The 3D and 4D models and animations created by The Rhodes Group modeling department make the most complex issues understandable and visually compelling. Our animation work is used by attorneys at trial, by developers who pitch a project to investors, and organizations to demonstrate a new idea.

The following are examples of work we’ve done:

Trial Graphics
Our trial graphics are used in conjunction with testimony to help clarify issues and to allow advocates to “show” instead of “tell.” Not only do our animations help in crystallizing issues, they also save time at trial by avoiding tedious and potentially confusing oral descriptions.

Schedule Impacts

This is where 4D comes into play. We show the sequence of construction or events, and match our graphical presentation with a schedule to show the impact of time. These models are critical in any delay analysis at trial, mediation or arbitration and make the difference between telling a story and showing what happened.

Design Defects
A design defect model can show exactly what went wrong on a project and how it might affect other project areas. Our models provide focus on a very specific area while still showing the impact on a large overall project scale.


Virtual models provide a realistic preview of nearly any object, structure or place. By extracting data from sources such as drawings, maps, satellite images and photographs, our team can create stunning and accurate representations at a much lower cost than a physical model.


A “fly through” gives a first-person perspective of a place or thing. These animations transport the viewer directly through a virtual model as if they were walking through or in an object.