Few projects proceed as planned from start to finish. Each deviation from the plan has the potential to create exposure to additional time and/or costs. Minimizing the exposure to the risk presented by these deviations requires a clear and consistent definition of the contract and subcontract plans, early identification of the deviation events, and the consistent maintenance of contemporaneous project records.

Benefits of Project Alignment Services

  • Development of Consistent and Sufficient Contemporaneous Project Records
  • Early Identification and Management of Schedule and Cost Risk
  • Integrated Expert Analysis from Project Start Up to Close Out
  • Increased Return on Investment of Expert Consulting Services

Project Alignment Services Philosophy

Through our extensive experience in construction dispute resolution, The Rhodes Group has developed a unique perspective of the construction process. This unique perspective is the result of repeated forensic analysis of complex construction projects based primarily upon project records.

When the perspective gained from our experience is integrated throughout the construction process, our clients benefit from our understanding of the project-related information and documentation necessary to support and/or resolve construction disputes or deviations from the original project plan.

Project Record Consistency Using Existing Procedures

Project records can serve as the basis for early resolution of issues. Project records are also essential in more formal dispute resolution processes that typically take place after many of the project personnel on both sides of the dispute have moved on to other assignments. As a result, project personnel responsible for creating these records may have limited experience or understanding of their use during formal dispute resolution.

Project Alignment Service is not focused on the processes by which these project records are generated. Instead, we focus on the consistency and sufficiency of the content of those records. While procedural adjustments may occur throughout the course of a typical Project Alignment Service engagement, the focus of the service is accessing the content and providing feedback through existing processes with minimal impact to the day to day activities of project personnel.

Early Identification and Management of Schedule and Cost Risk

The application of our unique perspective through Project Alignment Services can help project personnel to develop project records that are consistent and sufficient to facilitate the resolution of unanticipated events while minimizing the potential for additional risk.

If formal dispute resolution should become necessary, the aligned project record will provide a solid body of evidence on which a legal and/or expert analysis can be based.

Integrated Expert Analysis for Increased Return on Investment

With the detailed project knowledge gained through Project Alignment Services, The Rhodes Group can provide integrated expert analysis throughout its engagement, minimizing the startup time and costs typically associated with such an effort.

These services can leverage the depth of our experience as independent experts when addressing key project events or can simply provide relief for over-utilized project staff that may be encountering analysis exercises that are outside of their core expertise. In either case, these services are delivered by experienced personnel with an in-depth understanding of your project.