Last month The Rhodes Group’s Pittsburgh office welcomed Chris Sammon as a Project Executive.  We asked Chris what it’s like to be the “new kid on the block” after 12 years working at Malcolm Drilling.

From Denver to Pittsburgh (via Miami) – How’d you end up here? 

While at Malcolm Drilling I lived in San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver and most recently Miami, relocating fairly frequently with projects.

My wife and I love the weather and mountains of the West, but our family has East Coast ties and we wanted to be closer to them.  We were also looking to put down more permanent roots, particularly now that we have a 2-year old.  Pittsburgh wasn’t really within our search radius, but when I saw the job opening at The Rhodes Group I realized there is a lot going on here – from outdoor activities and sports to good schools.  Having graduated from Penn State, I also have several friends here.

We are really loving the city and are excited to make Pittsburgh our home.

What influenced your decision to join The Rhodes Group?

Over the past five years I started becoming more involved in the management of claims, which is what first got me interested in a potential future as a consultant.  When I read the job opening for the Project Executive position here, I really felt this role would be a perfect fit for my prior experience.   The firm’s smaller size was also appealing, and I liked that there was a lot of diversity in the staff backgrounds – from former attorneys to chemical, structural and civil engineers.

Over the past 12 years you’ve led all aspects of construction projects, from estimating to project closeout  – how is your first month as a Project Executive at The Rhodes Group treating you? 

It’s a lot different coming into a new office 12 years into your career than it is right out of college walking onto a construction site.   The firm is really well structured and it was easy to integrate myself into the day-to-day very quickly.  Everyone has been so welcoming.

What are you most looking forward to after you finally unpack at your new home?

I don’t think I could tell you what we have in storage.  When we left Denver for Miami, it was with a few suitcases and several boxes since we were only planning to be gone a year.  Our possessions have multiplied over the years and we’ve added a child to our family (I blame most of the extra stuff on him).  It will be like Christmas when we unpack – who knows what we’re going to find!

And finally a very pressing question . . . are you going to raise your son a Steelers fan?

I haven’t decided how to handle this yet!  It certainly won’t be me who teaches him to root for the Steelers, but several friends have volunteered to do so.   I think I might just see where he ends up on his own.

Chris Sammon may be reached at [email protected] For more information on careers at The Rhodes Group, please visit our Careers page.